Dear RWSFF Members & Friends,
Please join us at our May Luncheon
Weds. May 4, 11:30 AM
2022- Defeat those with a leftist ideology in the midterms from the Schoolhouse to Congress and in the Great State of Florida!
RWSFF is pleased to announce our May Guest Speaker: Michael Maibach a seasoned professional in global business diplomacy, advisor to non-profit organizations, and a supporter of vital civic causes. Michael is a gifted speaker teaching the history we need to know of the founding fathers and relating it through the years to today. His speech to RWSFF is ” The Electoral College & Our Laboratories of State Government.” Our country was created in what Madison called a “compound republic” (Federalist 51); this design has served us well. We will see how and why Florida is a Great state today with one the Greatest Governors of our time- Governor Ron DeSantis.
On a more personal note Michael will be in Boston this week speaking Tuesday evening to the College Republicans at my Alma Mater- Boston College and he’ll be speaking on Mon. evening to the College Republicans at Harvard University- Yes they have Republicans! I am sure he’ll share his experience. We look forward to welcoming Michael Maibach an Associate Member of RWSFF as our May Speaker.
May 4, 2022 meeting – Michael Maibach