Dear RWSFF Members & Friends,
Please join us at our April Luncheon
Weds. Apr. 6, 11:30 AM
2022-get ready to work to defeat those with a leftist ideology in the midterms from the Schoolhouse to Congress and in the Great State of Florida!
RWSFF is pleased to announce our April Guest Speaker: Mason Weaver an author and founder of ” Leave the Plantation Organization”. Mason is a Disabled Vietnam Veteran, this did not stop him from becoming a Businessman, Speaker, Debater, Commentator, Motivator, and Mentor to so many. In 2019 Mason formed LeavethePlantation.orgfor those who want to learn more about Freedom and the American Culture.
Mason is gifted with an extraordinary view of government and business having worked in both sectors. Mason has appeared on conservative news TV and Radio including Fox and Friends. He is the Author of 12 books; and he will be selling the following 3 books at the meeting-“It’s Ok to Leave the Plantation;” “Tribalism” and ” The Democrat Party Hates America”
Mason will change the way you think; provide tips and tools to get people under the big Conservative Tent and provide Hope for the future!
April 6, 2022 – Mason Weaver