Bernard Sansaricq

An Update on the Situation in Haiti and the Trump Administration

Bernard Sansaricq was born in Haiti, educated there and in the USA.

He saw thirteen members of his family killed by the Duvalier regime.

in 1987, he narrowly escaped assassination by the Haitian Army when he was given safety at the Argentine Embassy from where he launched his political career, rising to President of the Haitian Senate.

When Haitian President Aristide overturned his humanitarian and crime reduction initiatives Bernard returned to the US in 1994.

He and his wife Alejandra live in South Florida. His various accounts of the Clinton corruption in Haiti are published on

Bernard met with President Trump in “Little Haiti” in Miami and has appeared on various TV and Radio shows, including Hannity.

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October Luncheon Meeting with Bernard Sansaricq

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